• As IPN Medical Centres continues to expand, we are always available to discuss opportunities for joint ventures or practice acquisitions. We believe we can support practice owners in ways they may find challenging alone.  Having welcomed well in excess of 50 practices to our network in recent years, we are experienced in addressing all the issues you are likely to consider important.

    If you are considering your options, contact us today for a discreet, informal conversation.

    Our acquisition pathways will allow you:

    • A structure and outcome designed to meet your specific transition goals
    • Smooth integration with minimal disruption to you and your patients
    • Strong operational, clinical and financial support
    • An attractive financial return

    IPN Medical Centres is part of the Sonic Clinical Services network, which includes companies such as Australian Skin Cancer Clinics (ASCC) and Sonic HealthPlus (SHP).

    Elise Taylor - 0467 795 183 - elise.taylor@ipn.com.au
    Tessa Tierney - 0427 595 114 - tessa.tierney@scs.com.au
    Sam Galanos - 0413 624 898 - sam.galanos@ipn.com.au

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