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Live and work in Australia as a General Practitioner

Are you feeling burnt out in your current GP job? Perhaps relocating to Australia is the change you need. 

We're looking for UK GPs to move to Australia and work with IPN Medical Centres, Australia's largest medical centre operator. 

How do we make the move for UK GPs easy?

Once you submit an expression of interest form, our Business Development team will contact you to discuss your circumstances, qualifications and desired outcomes in moving to Australia. Our tailored approach ensures all your needs are met and you have a dedicated and experienced team member to assist you throughout the entire process.

  • Support and provide guidance with Medical Registration applications
  • Assist with Temporary & Permanent residency Visa
  • Assist with accommodation / relocation
  • Offer multiple Distribution Priority Areas (DPA) locations
  • Provide personalised and effective training, orientation, marketing and onboarding support
  • Provide job flexibility and a work-life balance
  • Provide centres with high patient volumes
  • Join the Sonic Healthcare Australia Clinical Services network and enjoy the benefits
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Meet the Team

Our dedicated team who will answer any initial questions and assist you through the process.

Dr Gun Soin,
Chief Medical Officer

Dr Gun Soin moved from the UK to Australia in 2011 and is now the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Sonic Healthcare Australia Clinical Services. Gun spends time in the UK and is available for face-to-face meetings. These casual conversations are a great way to get an insight into our company, the relocation process and to have any of your questions answered. 

  Gun Soin

Book a meeting with Dr Gun Soin

Luke McLoughlin,
Business Development International

Luke McLoughlin is our dedicated international Business Development manager with 11 years of experience working with international GPs. He's been assisting UK GPs with their registration applications since 2012 before he moved into this specific role 7 years ago. He has a wealth of experience and looks forward to welcoming more UK GPs to Australia. His favourite part about working with international GPs is seeing them arrive in Australia with a smooth transition into Australian General Practice. 

  +61 472 822 745
  Luke McLoughlin 

Who is IPN? 

IPN Medical Centres is the largest provider of medical centres in Australia with over 150 centres nationwide. At IPN, GPs work with – not for – us, running their own practice from the comfort of one of our 150 modern and well-established medical centres. Our GPs can focus on building their practice while we take care of the rest: practice management, nurse support, finance, marketing, IT solutions and property maintenance. This gives you more time to spend with your patients and provides job flexibility, a work-life balance, manageable workloads and less time spent on practice management for higher levels of job satisfaction.