• Welcome to our Locum Rewards Program.


    Discover our levels of membership

    If you Locum with either IPN Medical Centres or Sonic HealthPlus, you will automatically become a member of our Locum Rewards Program. There are four tiers, Blue, BronzeSilver and Gold.

    Locum Doctors gain points for each assignment based on 'Days Worked'.

    For example, points for duration:

    1 - 7 days = 5 points
    8 - 14 days = 10 points
    15 - 21 days = 15 points
    22 - 28 days = 20 points
    30+ days = 20 point in addition to weeks thereafter stated above.


    Our Locum Rewards Tiers defined


    What is the reward cycle

    Our Locum Rewards program commences on 1 July and ends on 30 June each year.

    As of 1 July, each Locum is reset to zero points.



    Rewards includes, complimentary cinema tickets, flight and car hire upgrades, advanced membership to our preferred flight partners program, complimentary access to GP events and much more.

    For more information, email locum@ipn.com.au