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  • IPN GP Satisfaction Survey Results 2015

    Dr Ged Foley
    Posted by on 10 Sep 2015

    I’m delighted to share IPN Medical Centre’s latest GP Satisfaction Survey results which report record levels of GP satisfaction. A significant cross section of GPs working with IPN participated in the anonymous independently-facilitated survey during July 2015.  

    Doctors reported a record level of ‘Overall Satisfaction’ of 4.08 out of 5, a very high result by industry standards which compares favourably with prior years. GPs also reported outstanding satisfaction in the areas of clinical sovereignty, flexibility and work-life balance. We also asked Doctors to assess their satisfaction with the key personnel who work with them every day, and I am pleased to report that, out of 5, the overall satisfaction with IPN’s practice managers and nursing personnel was 4.5, which is also higher than prior years.

    IPN’s Net Promoter Score, which is an indicator of ‘Would you recommend working with IPN to a colleague’, rated a record 65.5%. This result is comparable to leading brands such as Apple, Westin Hotels, Harvard Business School and American Express!

    IPN Medical Centres has a long history of delivering service excellence for Doctors working in partnership with us as well as to the community through the provision of high quality healthcare.  

    To all of the Doctors who participated in the survey, I thank you for your feedback and for continuing to be an integral part of IPN Medical Centres.

    To Doctors considering a career working with us, you can be confident that we can provide you the best experience that group General Practice has to offer.

    Dr Ged Foley

    Chief Executive Officer
    IPN Medical Centres