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Dr Keith Burgess

Qualifications: Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor, Fellow of the Skin Cancer College Australasia, Skin Cancer College Tutor

Dr Keith Burgess graduated in the UK in 2003. He undertook 3 years of surgical training prior to completing his general practice specialist training in Cornwall in 2010. He has worked in Australia since 2013 and during this time has completed extensive training in skin cancer medicine and surgery, including advanced surgical techniques (skin flaps and grafts) and the use of dermoscopy for detecting skin cancers. This rigorous training has led to Dr Burgess achieving Fellowship of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia, the highest qualification in primary care skin cancer medicine, with a distinction in advanced dermoscopy (skin cancer detection). Through his role as a fellow of the college, he is involved in teaching other skin cancer doctors, to help them to improve their skills to an advanced level so that they may become Skin Cancer College accredited doctors.

He has presented at the Skin Cancer College Australasia’s Member’s Symposium, and a modification to a surgical skin flap first described by Dr Burgess has been published in the U.S.  journal, Dermatologic Surgery.

Special interest

  • Skin checks
  • Skin cancer treatment and excision
  • Skin flaps and grafts
  • Minor surgery
  • All general practice

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