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Celebrating Accreditation Success!


News / 21 February 2018

Our team is delighted to let patients know that their Medical Centre has again achieved accreditation with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners – Standards for General Practices.

So what does this involve?
Our practice’s staff have participated in interviews, demonstrating their knowledge and commitment to quality, and to your care. The facilities of our practice have been examined so that you, the patient, can rest assured that your practice has all the equipment and systems it needs to provide you with safe, optimal care. Accreditation is your assurance that our steriliser has been serviced and tested, our staff undertake continuous professional development and any immunisation you have has been stored and transported correctly.

Did you know general practice accreditation is voluntary? That’s right! Don’t take your family to just any Medical Centre. Always look for an accredited Medical Centre to help make sure your family gets the best care.

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