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Lakelands Medical Centre here in North Lakes is a busy, accredited, friendly, family oriented general medical practice. Started 36 years ago by Dr Baker, it has prided itself in the high quality of medical care offered to the local community in North Lakes, Mango Hill and Kallangur. Seven of the doctors have each served this community for more than 20 years and one has returned to the practice having grown up in Kallangur and been a registrar with us in 2004.
The other positions have been doctors involved in their final stages of becoming GP specialists.

The doctors in this practice have a long history of working together.
20 years old a partnership was formed by Dr Ian Baker and Dr Catherine McGarvey, with other professionals joining shortly after. This has facilitated a team environment to provide continuous health care for our diverse population which carries on to today.

All the doctors working in the practice are vocationally trained. That means that each doctor is committed to ongoing education and up grading their skills ensuring that they are providing the highest possible standard of medical care.  As they work together in a team environment, allocating time each day to meet with drug reps, and engaging in both formal and informal education opportunities in the practice, they are able to assist each other if the need arises. Whilst the Doctors here work together in a team environment they are independent clinicians and are responsible for all decisions regarding patient medical treatment and healthcare.

The practice is committed to supporting further education and has been selected as one of the training practices for the next generation of general practitioners through the GP registrar program.
One of these doctors work in our practice and after 3 years of postgraduate training and exams will qualify as a GP specialist. (FRACGP)

Not only the doctors but all staff are committed to training and attending conferences and workshops to ensure that their skills are able to support a practice committed to a very high standard of care.

Accreditation is the longest established and most widely known process for the external evaluation of health care services.  The process is implemented so that delivery of safe, high quality health care is ensured. Accreditation recognises the achievements of health care teams to meet the requirements of established standards.

What is quality in primary health care?

Continuous quality improvement acknowledges the need for primary health care providers to continually improve, upgrade and monitor services the practice provides including education, practice management, the rights and needs of patients and the physical facilities of the practice. The aim of continuous quality improvement is to make substantial and sustained improvements in the quality of care to ultimately produce better health outcomes for patients.

Quality Guarantee
Lakelands Medical centre is an accredited general practice through GPA Accreditation Plus
We are committed to:
-ensuring patients receive timely care and advice appropriate to the individual -ensuring patients are given the information required for them to make informed decisions with their doctor about their care
-ensuring that medical records and patient information is confidential health promotion as well as disease prevention and treatment
If you are unhappy with any aspect of the care you receive from this practice, we are keen to know about it.  Please feel free to discuss it with a receptionist or ask to speak directly with one of the doctors.  You may prefer to write suggestions down and pop into the suggestion box on the front desk.
We believe that problems are best dealt with within the practice.  However if you feel there is a problem you wish to take up outside, you may prefer to contact the Office of the Health Ombudsman or Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Recall and Reminder system:
As a valued patient, you will be automatically enrolled in our surgery recall system, as well as the National State & Territory recall system e.g Child  Immunisation & Pap Smear Register.

Rights and Needs of Patients
Lakelands Medical Centre recognises a patient’s right to :
-privacy and confidentiality
-refusal of treatment, advice, or medical procedure
-transfer of care to another doctor or practice
-be informed in advance about any out of pocket costs, or potential costs for consultations, treatments, referrals, procedures or investigations.

Telephone Policy/Electronic Communication
Most issues are best to be dealt with during a consultation with your GP, however he/she will endeavour to take your call if practical.  At times your GP may be attending to other patients and agree to return your phone call.  Please inform our staff if your call is urgent. Please note that we DO NOT accept or send any medical information in regards to patients via email.

Please be aware that our Reception Staff are not qualified to give results or any medical information over the phone.  At your consultation please ask your GP as to how they would like you to follow up any tests done.
We trust our patients are responsible enough to follow up the investigations and to keep specialist appointments that are arranged for them.

Practice Manager Elaine Murray
Business Manager Sarah Pittman


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Book appointment (07) 3204 4766 For after hours, please call (07) 3204 4766

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1 Winn Street (cnr Gregor Street West and Winn St), North Lakes QLD 4509 Australia

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