Logan Central Medical Centre Services


Our medical centre has dedicated nurses and pathology services onsite. Here are some of the main services we provide.

The purpose of antenatal care is to improve the health and wellbeing of mum and baby and should begin before pregnancy. Our GPs provide support and guidance every steps of the way. The health of both mum and baby is monitored through regular examinations, screening tests and ultrasounds.

We offer circumcisions at Logan Central Medical Centre 

GP Management Plans are comprehensive, long-term care plans, made just for you if you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, arthritis, stroke, cancer and chronic pain. Our GPs will manage and coordinate the ongoing care you receive from all your healthcare providers.

We have a Diabetes Educator at Logan Central. Spek to reception to book an appointment. 

Incontinence can impact your quality of life but it can be treated. The main cause of incontinence is weakened pelvic floor muscles. Treatment options can include pelvic floor exercises and bladder training. At Logal Central Medical Centre we also have a NeoControl chair which stimulates nerve activity in the pelvic floor to rebuild strength and endurance. Speak to your GP for advice on the right treatment option for you.

Our GPs provide healthcare that focuses on your physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing. Integrative Medicine combines western and evidence-based complementary medicine and therapies to achieve the best of health.

Medicinal Cannabis is prescribed at this practice by an authorised GP.  Please carefully read the Medicinal Cannabis Patient Information to find out more about cost, eligibility, side effects and other useful information.

Speak to your GP if you’re struggling to cope, feeling low or anxious. Our GPs can assess your condition and may provide therapy and treatment. Our GPs also support people with dependence or addiction problems.

Employers may require health screening. Our GPs provide pre-employment health assessments including hearing, vision and fitness tests. Blood and urine tests can also be arranged. Injured at work? Your medical expenses and wages may be covered under workers compensation and WorkCover.

We have Psychologists available at Logan Central Medical Centre. Speak to reception to book an appointment. 

Our GPs have additional training and experience to assess, diagnose and treat skin cancers. We use special equipment including dermatoscopes and photographic monitoring of skin lesions to assess your skin. We can sometimes treat pre-cancerous lesions and early skin cancers with non-surgical treatments. The surgical services we provide include biopsies, excisions, cryotherapy and curettage of superficial skin lesions. When necessary, our GPs will also perform skin flaps and grafts.

Dr Robert Burns is now running a Vasectomy Clinic  once a month at Logan Central Medical Centre!

Minimally invasive procedure
No scalpel vasectomy is designed to improve patient acceptability. Reduces operating time and complications.

Comfort and privacy a priority
Dedicated operating room heated to ensure patient comfort. Effective and well tolerated analgesia.

Affordable and accessible
Competitive pricing and bulk billed initial consultation. Out of pocket approximately $350 to medicare card holders.

Vasectomies are a common surgical procedure undertaken by millions of men in order to provide safe, permanent contraception. He has been assisted and mentored by Dr Alan Wallace from Townsville and Dr Mark Elvy from Coffs Harbour and Sydney in acquiring the skills to perform vasectomy.

For more information please speak to reception or visit www.aspleyvasectomy.com.au