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International Year of the

Nurse & Midwife


The World Health Organisation has declared 2020 the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. Throughout 2020 IPN will honour and celebrate our nurses, whose outstanding expertise is currently transforming Australia’s primary health care system and making a significant contribution to the health of the Australian population, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.  


Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of Primary Healthcare in Australia and reminded us of the value of connection. Our whole of practice approach and culture has ensured we have supported each other and our patients in navigating these uncertain times.


We acknowledge, appreciate and thank you all for the crucial role you play in the delivering the best of health, if you would like to join us in thanking our nurse hero's for their contributions please do so below. 


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IPN Wall of Thanks! 

Neutral Bay Medical Centre

To: All of our Nurses

"Thank you for all your help, advice and support, to both our patients and staff"

From: Lesley

Greenvale Medical Centre

To: Kelly

"THANK YOU to ALL THE NURSES for your hard work! Kelly always HAS A heart for all the patients, young or old. Keep up the great work Kel!!

From: Val

DR7 Medical Centre

To: Susan

"Thank you for your amazing contribution as our Health Management Nurse at DR7"

From: Pina

Mill Park Super Clinic

To: Rebecca

"You are amazing and soo good at what you do 😁"

From: Lyndal 

Wagin General Practice

To: Sandra

"Sandra is AMAZING!   She us always happy with a smile on her face and always makes people feel at ease.   She is professional and friendly. Her bedside manner is outstanding"

From: Anon

Erina Family Medicine

To: Shannon

"I would like to acknowledge Shannon's dedication to her role as a nurse and a mum. It takes a special nurse to step up and take on extra shifts in times of need, all whilst being a Super Mum at home.  We love you Shannon!"

From: Amanda

Harbourtown Medical Centre

To: Ann

"Ann has shown such amazing care through out 4 years of attending this practice, she has watched our babies grow and is always there to help get them better comfort them and goes above and beyond! We feel like she’s a part of the family as she has always made the effort to get to know us and our lives. ❤️"

From: Peta

Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre

To: Tina

"Words are not enough for this beautiful person Tina, her nursing comes from her heart and soul.We are so grateful to have met her. Thank you Tina for all you do. Paul & Val"

From: Valerie

Chandler Road Medical Clinic

To: Kylie

"What an amazing nurse! She’s so selfless and gives her best to all patients, regardless of culture, age and gender. She is as an advocate for patients for her patients and promotes family centred care. She is a great nurse to her team!!!"

From: Nadiya

Lalor Clinic

To: Lina

"Lina is very professional, kind and caring. She always makes me feel at ease when I bring my children in for immunisations"

From: Cinzia

Erina Family Medicine

To: Shannon

"Shannon has done an amazing job filling in for another nurse to transfer during the pandemic and always going above and beyond for our patients and fellow staff members"

From: Anna

DR7 Medical Centre

To: Susan

"You're amazing Sue keep up the good work :)"

From: Amy

Mill Park Super Clinic

To: Kylie

"Rebecca Mason is a fantastic nurse who perform well with her duty, hard working excellent communication with both patients and colleagues ,excellent leadership gained to positive patients outcomes. Rebecca provides both physical and emotional care to patients and their families.   In the fast I have been working with Rebecca at Milkpark IPN clinic would like to recommend she is excellent team player never fail to complete her responsibility as a leader to her team and to the patients."

From: Sriyani

Claremont Medical Centre

To: Thea

"The way Thea spreads her care, love and kindness to others is inspirational. She warms up the room and patients instantly feel calm. Her compassion and patience is commendable and I will never forget the special times which we worked together. Lots of love!"

From: Aleisha

Middle Park Medical

To: Cathy

"I would like to say a big thank you to our wonderful nurse Cathy! She's always happy to answer my questions and gives me lots of information about our immunisations. Cathy is absolutely lovely and great with my kids, which makes a world of difference when going for needles. She's very organised and an asset to our medical centre.  Thank you! :)"

From: Bec

Cottesloe Medical Centre

To: Helen 

"Thank you Helen tor all your hard work, especially thru the pandemic. Helen has worked so hard to put procedures into place for keeping everyone safe And healthy through these hard few months. We could not have done it without you."

From: Sanja

Holland Park General practice

To: Jin 

"Amazing nurse so helpful patients love her she is such a caring nurse"

From: Kate

Morphettville Medical Center

To: Angela

"What can say but thank you again for your dedication to your job excellent liaison with patients for their wants and needs. Always there for advice"

From: Anthony B

Hyperdome Medical Centre

To: Tina

"Tina is 1 in a million   I am a mother of 2 special needs son's and I honestly could not of gone through my journey alone . She is compassionate,  friendly and very professional"

From: Anita

Prospect Medical Centre

To: Jenny

"The whole team at PMC are amazing!!! The receptionists  are amazing also!!!"

From: Naomi

Forest Lake General Practice

To: Gina, Kaitlyn, Helen, Liz, Mary

"Gorgeous, understanding and professional group of ladies"

From: Donna

Sunnybank Hills General Practice

To: Tina

"Tina is fantastic, always has a bright smile and always friendly. She makes me relax"

From: Dana

Lower Mountains Family Practice

To: Lauren

"Lauren has always been so caring and dedicated with my 3 boys. She goes above and beyond to help. 1 of my boys is terrified of needles and she is always able to get this process done quickly"

From: Kellianne

Charlestown Square Medical Centre

To: Elizabeth

"Liz is a very dedicated, caring and supportive member of both our practice and also works with many other centres across NSW and is always only a phone call away. Liz is an amazing mum, and grandmother to her family and an amazing part of ours."

From: Britney

Kingston Family Clinic

To: Christine 

"Christine always has a professional cheery outlook and cares immensely for patients and fellow staff. She is an invaluable member of our team and is adored by all."

From: Patricia

Railway Street Medical Centre

To: Elizabeth & Lilly

"Thank you for all your patience and assistance especially during this challenging time"

From: Debra

All Medical Centers

To: All wonderful nurses

"Thank you very much for all the care & attention that you give. You make our job a lot more efficient, easy and great as you help us look after our patients. Well done!!!  Your work is very very much appreciated."

From: Dr Arnold Dela Cruz

Wanneroo GP Super Clinic

To: Tarin

"Tarin is a  caring person with a bubbly personality and she always has a smile on her dial"

From: Nola

Westpoint Medical Practice

To: Julie

"Amazing nurse! Always checks in to see how my family are travelling."

From: Aleisha

Greenpoint Medical Services

To: Stephanie & Karen

"Thankyou for all your hard work and putting up with all our demands on you"

From: Suzy

Craigieburn Super Clinic

To: Marita ,Lauren , Tegan ,Mhenaz,Tereze ,Abishek,Prayag,Loveleen & Anastacia

"I believe that it is very difficult to pinpoint one nurse hero , and that all our nurses are HEROS . They all deserve to be treated as such without them there is a lot that would not get done . Their dedication and assistance is vital to help keep our clinics running . The care they give to our patients and the assistance to our Dr's  is second to none ."

From: Rosie

St Kilda Superclinic

To: Kelly

"Thanks your the best"

From: Jennifer

Sunnybank Hills General Practice

To: Tina

"Thank you Tina!!"

From: Anon

Kuranda Medical Centre

To: Mary AKA "Liz"

"Liz's efficiency and dynamic approach to working with the Kuranda Community  for over 20 years is greatly appreciated by all"

From: Kerryn

Railway Street Medical Centre

To: Lily 

"Thank you so much for all your dedication over the years, you really take such good care of us.  We really appreciate you."

From: Zee

Charlestown Square Medical Centre

To: Gemma

"Gemma is an amazing asset to our team at Charlestown as well as to her young family. Gemma makes all of her patients smile and makes the best of every situation. We couldn't be more grateful!"

From: Britney

Access Health Care Taree

To: Kerri 

"Kerri always goes above and beyond to support all Doctors and staff at our Medical Centre. Kerri is also a great support to me as Practice Manager"

From: Tracey

Wellard Family Practice

To: Naomi

"Naomi has been a fabulous resource and friend assisting me in my transition to the centres in the local area and helping me settle in to the south metro team.  Thankyou!"

From: Natasha

Kenmore General Practice

To: Pam

"Thank you Pam!!!! You have been a trooper during very difficult times and we couldn't have survived without you. xx"

From: Nichola

Wagin General Practice

To: Sandra

"Sandra, your help, support, attention to detail, compassion, organisation will never go unnoticed at our practice, if it wasn't for you (as a new practice manager) my job would have been so overwhelming, so THANKYOU sincerely for all you do for our IPN & Community"

From: Londa

Pakenham Superclinic

To: Angela

"Been with us for over 10 years. Compassionate, Caring and always goes over and beyond for her patients. We are lucky to have her. Thankyou Angela for your Hard work and Caring Attitude."

From: Gagan

St Kilda Super Clinic

To: The Nursing Team

"I would like to thank my nursing team in recognition of everyone’s hard work and dedication at this time.  Happy international Nurses day and year of the Nurse  Thank you all for being amazing"

From: Kelly R

Railway Street Medical Centre

To: Belinda 

"Thank you for always working hard and taking such good care of us here at Railway Street.   I don't know what we'd do without you!"

From: Zee 

Redcliffe Peninsula 7 Day Medical Centre

To: Michelle, Esther, Grace, Cheryl

"Thank you to our team of nurses you are very much our heroes everyday. Our Doctors, receptionists and all our patients, are grateful and admire the incredible job you all do"

From: Frances 

Greenvale Medical Centre

To: Kelly, Yvonne, Davinder, Lisa W, Lexie, Pragati & Bipisha

"I would like to thank all the nurse for your love, care, hard work, and dedication is really a matter of appreciation. On this International Nurses Day sending my gratitude and gratefulness to you all dear nurses who a terrific job."

From: Hyacinth

Everton Plaza Medical Centre

To: Tina, Carmen, Marg, Anne-Marie, Donna, Jenny & Tamra

"Thankyou to Tina, Carmen, Margaret, Anne-Marie, Donna, Jenny and Tamara at the Everton Plaza Medical Centre for there hard work, compassion to everybody. And for there many years of service at Everton. You are a value to Dr's, Staff and the Patients. Congrats Ladies :) "

From: Fiona 

NSW/ACT State Nurse Manager

To: Hannah

"I have seen Hannah grow in her abilities year after year from a New Grad learning the ropes to where she is now leading the way so confidently. Hannah constantly amazes me with her passion, dedication & knowlege. She has such a wonderful way of communicating even the most challenging messeges. Hannah is just such a pleasure to work with and an absolute asset to the State operations Team. Thank you Hannah"

From: Claire

Kuranda Medical Centre

To: Terry

"Terry's passion and dedication to the Kuranda Community  over the past 20 years,  particularly in the area of Indigenous Health is greatly appreciated."

From: Kerryn

East Fremantle Medical Centre

To: Erin 

"No job is ever too big or too small for Erin. She makes patients feel at ease with her calm nature. Along with her steady hands and big knowledgable brain she makes all the patients and staff feel safe and comfortable. Thank you for your hard work and dedication Erin."

From: Millie

All VIC Medical Centres

To: VIC Nurses

"I am grateful to our entire nursing staff for your dedication and commitment in your role. Your words of reassurance that you give patients who need to overcome whatever challenges they face. I thank you for your hard work. What an amazing job you do, my sincere appreciation to all of you."

From: Alison N

All Nurses

To: To our Team of Amazing Nurses

"We are incredibly lucky to have an amazing team of Nurses , who take incredible care of our patients, doctors and fellow staff. Our Nurses set the example on strength, support and a hard work ethic, always willing to assist our doctors and staff and for ever lending a hand and an ear to anyone needing attention. We know how terrific you are in your day to day duties and tasks but the manner in which you helped us drive through the current Covid crisis is inspiring and we thank you."

From: Anthony K

Railway Street Medical Centre

To: Belinda

"Thank you for all your patience and professionalism especially through this very challenging time."

From: Debra