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Have you had your skin checked lately?

Skin Cancers can occur anywhere on the body and some can spread.

The most common sites for skin cancers are the lower legs for women and the upper back for men.  Most skin cancers can be successfully treated, if detected early.
Our Skin Clinic is equipped with revolutionary new skin cancer detection systems, and is run by experienced General Practitioners with sub-specialties in Skin Health. Early detection is your best protection, so make an appointment with the Kingston Skin Clinic today.

The Kingston Skin Clinic is located within the Kingborough Medical Centre.

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Monday……………………..9am to 5pm
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It could save your life!

Our Doctors

Dr Boniface Ochayi – Boniface has been General Practitioner trained since 1992.  He has done further Specialist training in 2004 and 2011, respectfully.  Boniface’s main interest is Skin Cancer Diagnosis and treatment and removal of Skin Cancer.  He has had 4 years solid training in removal of skin cancers, lesions and cancer medicine.  Boniface is involved in Molemax Technology, which includes melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer screening.
Being fully trained in Skin Cancer Medicine and Dermatology, Boniface can provide short and long-term treatment options.

Dr Reshmi Sheheli – Reshmi became a fully qualified General Practitioner in 2011.  Her interest in skin, developed when training at Marter Hospital in Brisbane.   The bulk of her training consisted of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. During her time at Marter Hospital, she gained experience in many operating procedures.   Reshmi has gained skills in Skin Cancer with the help of the latest Molemax technology.  Reshmi has done many skin related procedures and has a keen interest to further her skills.
She is interested in pursuing her Master Degree in Skin and further training in surgical and dermatology procedures.

Dr Richard Climie –  Dr Climie is an experienced General Practitioner with a special interest in skin cancer and skin disease.  Dr Climie’s holds Qualifications in Diploma of Dermatology, Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine, Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery Workshop, Diploma of Dermatoscopy (recognising skin cancers with use of a dermatoscope), Diploma of Skin Cancer Medicine.
Dr. Climie provides advice about the use of Cosmeceuticals (creams or ointments that  improve and reverse  sun and age related skin damage) and general skin care, with emphasis on natural products; he has written a module about use of  Cosmeceuticals  for the Diploma of Dermatology course.  He has  also published an e-book about the treatment of acne using both medical and natural treatments.
He is able to remove most types of skin cancer and is very experienced in the use of skin flaps and skin grafts to prevent any movement in the face such as eyebrows, eyes etc after a section of the face is required to be removed for biopsy.  Dr Climie is dedicated to assisting patients with  general skin problems including acne, rosacea, dermatitis, skin cancer and general “lumps and bumps”.  He is happy to refer patients for specialist assessment if this is necessary or requested.

Dr Joanne Green –  became a fully qualified GP in 2002 and since then has worked as a General Practitioner performing minor surgery and in 2015 obtained her Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer. She performs skin reviews using the Skin Clinic’s molemax machine which is our first rate detection technology used at the Skin Clinic for diagnosing spots and suspicious imperfections requiring attention either surgically or via periodic review.  Dr Green is also a Surgical Assistant to many of the City Surgical Consultants at all of our Hobart Private Hospital’s.
Dr Green is currently working towards gaining her Masters in Dermatology via ongoing education.  She is very dedicated to early detection and prevention of skin cancer.

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9-11 John Street, Kingston TAS 7050 Australia

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