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Have you had your skin checked lately?

Skin Cancers can occur anywhere on the body and some can spread.

The most common sites for skin cancers are the lower legs for women and the upper back for men.  Most skin cancers can be successfully treated, if detected early.
Our Skin Clinic is equipped with revolutionary new skin cancer detection systems, and is run by experienced General Practitioners with sub-specialties in Skin Health. Early detection is your best protection, so make an appointment with the Kingston Skin Clinic today.

The Kingston Skin Clinic is located within the Kingborough Medical Centre.

Appointments available now! Call the Skin Clinic number on 03 6283 1800 today!

Opening Hours:
Monday……………………..9am to 5pm
Tuesday……………………..8am to 4pm
Wednesday…………………8am to 5pm
Thursday……………………9am to 5pm
Friday………………………..8am to 4pm


It could save your life!

Our Doctors

Dr Reshmi Sheheli – Reshmi became a fully qualified General Practitioner in 2011.  Her interest in skin, developed when training at Marter Hospital in Brisbane.   The bulk of her training consisted of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. During her time at Marter Hospital, she gained experience in many operating procedures.   Reshmi has gained skills in Skin Cancer with the help of the latest Molemax technology.  Reshmi has done many skin related procedures and has a keen interest to further her skills.
She is interested in pursuing her Master Degree in Skin and further training in surgical and dermatology procedures.

Dr Richard Climie – Dr Richard Climie is an experienced General Practitioner with a special interest in skin cancer, skin diseases and skin rejuvenation/anti-aging. He has experience and extensive training in diagnosing and treating skin cancers, providing both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Furthermore, Dr Climie is experienced in treating general skin problems including acne, rosacea, dermatitis skin cancers, ingrown toenails, cysts and moles.

Dr Joanne Green –  Dr Joanne Green is an experienced General Practitioner, who has been actively involved in the teaching of medical students both here and in the UK. Dr Green has developed an interest in skin medicine, including detection and treatment of skin cancers, and more recently in aesthetics. She also performs anti-wrinkle injections and Dermapen Microneedling.


Contact Information

Book appointment (03) 6229 3434 For after hours, please call 1800 022 222

Opening hours
9-11 John Street, Kingston TAS 7050 Australia

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